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What is breast augmentation?breast augmentation in izmir,turkey

Breast augmentation, commonly known as a “boob job” or “breast aug,” is a procedure designed to increase breast size using implants or fat transfer. It’s sought after to restore lost breast volume due to weight loss or pregnancy, achieve a more rounded breast shape, or address natural breast size differences.

Also called augmentation mammoplasty, this procedure involves using implants or transferring fat from other parts of the body to enhance breast volume. When fat transfer is used exclusively to improve breast size, it’s specifically termed as fat transfer breast augmentation.

This cosmetic surgery is popular for enhancing breast appearance and addressing various aesthetic concerns related to breast size and shape. It’s essential to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to explore the options and determine the most suitable approach based on individual goals and medical considerations.

What breast augmentation surgery can do

  • Increased Fullness and Projection: It enhances breast size, providing more fullness and projection, resulting in a more pronounced and aesthetically pleasing bust.
  • Improved Balance of Breast and Hip Contours: By augmenting breast size, it can create a more balanced and proportionate figure, enhancing the overall symmetry between breast and hip contours.
  • Enhanced Self-Image and Self-Confidence: The procedure often leads to increased self-image and self-assurance as individuals achieve their desired breast appearance, positively impacting their confidence and self-esteem.

What breast augmentation surgery can’t do

  • Correcting Severe Breast Drooping: It cannot effectively address severe breast sagging. In such cases, a breast lift may be necessary in addition to breast augmentation to achieve a fuller and lifted appearance.
  • Possibility of a Separate Procedure: Sometimes, a breast lift might be performed concurrently with breast augmentation, while in other cases, it may require a separate operation. Your plastic surgeon will guide you in determining the most appropriate course of action based on your specific needs and desired outcomes.

Who is a good candidate for breast augmentation?

You may be a suitable candidate if:

  • Good Physical Health: You are in good physical health and not currently pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Realistic Expectations: You have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedure.
  • Breast Development: Your breasts are fully developed.
  • Desire for Change: You feel your breasts are too small and wish to enhance their size.
  • Changes in Breast Shape: Dissatisfaction with the loss of breast shape or volume post-pregnancy, weight loss, or due to aging.
  • Concerns about Breast Appearance: Feeling unhappy about the “empty” appearance in the upper part of your breasts.
  • Breast Symmetry: Your breasts are asymmetrical, or one or both have not developed normally or have an elongated shape.

Before undergoing surgery, it’s essential to review breast augmentation photos and educate yourself about the procedure’s aspects and the recovery process. This preparation aids in setting realistic expectations and contributes to a smoother recovery post-surgery.

How much does breast augmentation cost in Turkey, Izmir?

The cost of breast augmentation surgery typically averages around $2,516. However, this figure represents only a portion of the total expenses, excluding additional costs like anesthesia, operating room facilities, and related expenses.

To determine your final fee, it’s advisable to consult directly with your plastic surgeon’s office.

Factors influencing the surgeon’s fee for breast augmentation include their expertise, the specific procedure chosen, and the geographic location of the practice.

Many plastic surgeons offer financing plans to assist patients with breast augmentation costs, so it’s recommended to inquire about these options.

Breast augmentation costs may include:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Medical tests
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Prescription medications
  • Surgeon’s fee

When selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon for breast augmentation, consider not only the surgery cost but also the surgeon’s experience and your comfort level with them.

Breast augmentation and health insurance in Izmir, Turkey

Regarding health insurance coverage, it’s crucial to note that most health insurance plans do not cover cosmetic breast augmentation expenses, related complications, or subsequent surgeries aimed at altering the appearance of the breasts.

Some insurance carriers might even exclude breast diseases in individuals with breast implants.

Therefore, it’s essential to thoroughly review your health insurance policy before undergoing breast augmentation.

What should I expect during a consultation for breast augmentation?

During your breast augmentation consultation, you can expect a thorough discussion and examination tailored to your needs:

Prepare to discuss:

  • Reasons and Expectations: Explain why you desire breast augmentation, your expectations, and the desired outcome.
  • Medical History: Provide details about medical conditions, drug allergies, past treatments, current medications, supplements, alcohol, tobacco, or drug use.
  • Breast Health: Share your family history of breast cancer, mammogram results, and any previous breast biopsies.

Your plastic surgeon will:

  • Assess Your Health: Evaluate your overall health status, existing conditions, and potential risk factors.
  • Breast Examination: Examine and measure your breasts meticulously, assessing size, shape, skin quality, nipple and areola placement, often taking photographs.
  • Recommend Treatment: Discuss available options, recommend a suitable treatment plan, and outline potential outcomes, risks, and complications associated with breast augmentation.

This consultation offers an opportunity to ask your plastic surgeon questions. You can bring a checklist of queries to ensure you cover all aspects of the surgery and clarify any concerns.

It’s normal to feel a mix of emotions before the procedure. Don’t hesitate to discuss your feelings, whether it’s excitement for the expected change or preoperative stress, with your plastic surgeon. Understanding every facet of the breast augmentation procedure is crucial for your confidence and peace of mind.

What questions should I ask my plastic surgeon about breast augmentation?

  • Certification and Training:
    • Was your training specifically focused on plastic surgery?
    • How many years of plastic surgery training have you completed?
  • Hospital Privileges and Facility Accreditation:
    • Do you have hospital privileges for this procedure? If yes, at which hospitals?
    • Is your office-based surgical facility accredited by a nationally or state-recognized agency, or is it state-licensed or Medicare-certified?
  • Candidate Assessment:
    • Am I a suitable candidate for breast enhancement or enlargement?
    • What will be required of me to achieve optimal results?
  • Procedure Details:
    • Where and how will the breast augmentation surgery be performed?
    • What shape, size, surface texture, incision site, and placement site do you recommend for me?
  • Recovery and Postoperative Care:
    • What is the expected recovery period, and what assistance will I need during my recovery?
    • What care and precautions should I take during the recovery process?
  • Risks and Complications:
    • What risks and complications are associated with this procedure?
    • How are complications typically handled if they arise?
  • Long-Term Expectations and Follow-Up:
    • How many additional implant-related surgeries can I anticipate in my lifetime?
    • How will breast augmentation impact my ability to breastfeed?
  • Long-Term Results and Satisfaction:
    • How will my breasts appear over time, especially after pregnancy or breastfeeding?
    • What options do I have if I’m dissatisfied with the cosmetic outcome?
  • Implant Removal and Future Considerations:
    • How will my breasts look if I opt to remove the implants without replacement in the future?
    • Can I see before-and-after photos of breast augmentation procedures you’ve performed, and what results can I reasonably expect?

Asking these questions can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, manage your expectations, and ensure that you and your surgeon are on the same page regarding your breast augmentation surgery