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Breast Augmentation

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    Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Breast augmentation is the procedure to increase the fullness of the breast, correct the shape and increase the size. This is one of the widely applied cosmetic surgery operations around the world. Women might experience smaller and empty breast due to breastfeeding, multiple childbirth, hormones and after breast cancer treatment. Mammaplasty that is preferred by women who are not happy with their breasts is an extremely successful surgical operation. With mammaplasty, women can have the breast size they want and this size can last for a long time. The success rate for mammaplasty is more than 90%.

    How is mammaplasty applied?

    The reasons for mammaplasty is to increase the fullness of breast, correct the size and make the breasts appear bigger. In mammaplasty, silicon prosthetics or different implants are inserted inside breast tissue or breast muscle and breasts are enlarged. In general, women want breast augmentation for the following reasons:

    Frequent weight loss

    Volume loss after pregnancy and breastfeeding

    Congenital breast asymmetry

    Breast cancer treatment

    What is the process before mammoplasty?

    Your doctor will make a physical examination before mammoplasty. Then, an ideal breast size will be determined for your body measurement and chest rib. After the doctor and the patient agree on breast shape and implant type, various tests are conducted. Mammography and ultrasound tests are required for patients above 40 years old. After completing the routine tests before the surgery, the operation date is selected. There are some rules to be followed before the surgery. These rules will be explained by your doctor in detail. Some of these rules can be explained as follows:

    You need to talk to a friend or relative to be with you for the first day and to drive you back home.

    You need to take a bath before the surgery as you will not be able to do this for a while.

    If you are smoking, it is better to quit or minimise smoking one day before the surgery.

    You need to stop using blood thinners one week before the surgery. Also, you must avoid herbal teas.

    If you are regularly using the medication, you need to tell your doctor.

    You must avoid high-intensity exercise and challenging physical activities one day before breast augmentation.

    You need to eat healthily and avoid alcohol one week before the operation.

    You must not eat or drink 8 hours before the surgery.

    It is recommended to wash your breast area with antibacterial soaps before the surgery. You must not use any chemical products after taking a bath.

    It is better to wear comfortable clothes and shoes on surgery day. Thus, you will be more comfortable after surgery.

    How is breast augmentation operated?

    Generally, general anaesthesia is applied for breast augmentation. The operation approximately lasts between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours. During breast augmentation, cuts must be made to place the implants that will give shape to the breast. Although this cut is not visible, there might be scarring. This cut might be made in the following regions:

    Belly button

    Curved region under the breast

    Around nipple


    Upper part of the nipple

    Breast augmentation with belly cut is generally not used. In this method, a tube with special tools and a camera is guided to the breast region from the belly button area. Silicones are not used in breast augmentation with this method; rather, saline prosthetics with saltwater are preferred as breast implants. It is a hard procedure that needs to be applied in one operation. In this mammoplasty, there will be a permanent and large scar under the skin from the belly button to breast. Therefore, this method is not preferred and applied.

    Cuts under the breast will not be visible as they will fit the folding sections. These cuts can only be seen naked and when someone looks from below. Therefore, this is accepted as the most suitable cuts for breast augmentation. There will not be any slipping or enlargement in these cuts. Also, if there is any need for re-intervention in the future, it is possible to re-open the cut here. It is not possible to re-open the same cuts in other parts of the body. Cuts under the folded part of the breast will not prevent breastfeeding function and cause any problem to the breast.

    Cuts from the nipple have a crescent form. These cuts are made between the coloured part of the nipple and skin. This part has beneficial bacteria, milk canals and nerves. The possibility to damage these structures increase. Cuts in this part have a higher risk of breastfeeding problems, numbness and infection.

    Cuts on the upper part of the nipple are from one end to the other. After these cuts, the risk for breast tissue damage, canal damage and nerve damage is higher. Scar after the surgery might lead to the traction of the nipple. Therefore, this cut method is not recommended.

    Cut under the arm must be made as a single cut and without any error for breast augmentation operation. Because if another operation is needed in the future, it is not possible to make the cut in the same region. Scar in this part is almost invisible and it is not possible to see from far away. The risk of these cuts is increased visibility of cuts if laser epilation is preferred after the surgery and infection risk after deodorant and perfume application.

    What is the process after breast augmentation, what should be done?

    Operation and recovery duration after breast augmentation can be different for individuals. The recovery period after the operation depends on the surgical method, expertise of the doctor and how careful is the patient for post-op care. Patients must follow these steps after the surgery

    Patients must avoid lifting heavy loads, intensive sports and activities that require power for at least one month after the surgery.

    Patients must be careful to use pain killers and antibiotics regularly as prescribed by the doctor.

    Patients must wear a sports bra for one week after the surgery. This way, your breasts will shape easily.

    Patients must avoid lying on their back or front after the surgery. It is recommended to sleep on your side for about 10 days. You need to wait for 2 months to lie on your back.

    Oedema, swelling and rash are normal for a short period after the surgery. These symptoms will disappear on their own in a few days.

    Patients must wait for 3-4 days to go back to work after surgery.

    What Is Aesthetic Breast Augmentation Surgery?Breasts physically complete the appearance of women. Breast volume is important for shoulder width, breast width, waist and hip measurements. In these measurements, body contour will look missing if the breast volume is low. Breasts might be smaller due to structural change. Breasts might not match each other and might have asymmetry. One of the breasts might be missing from birth. Today, there is no other option than silicon prosthetics to even the breasts or to increase the volume. Patient’s own tissues have been used in breast augmentation surgeries but these did not provide any successful results. The main material of a breast implant is the silicon around the prosthetics. The filler material might be different. Each implant has its own advantages and disadvantages. These must be discussed before the surgery and the correct implant must be selected.

    Among cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation surgery has raised both scientific and political discussion. Today, there are more than 2 million women with breast implants in the US. This number is increasing in our country as well. Breast augmentation is operated for the following reasons.

    To correct the body line of the women who think they have small breasts.

    To correct volume loss after pregnancy

    To provide breast symmetry

    To re-create the breast after certain medical conditions

    To change breast implants inserted for medical or cosmetic reasons.

    Breast implants are divided into two groups in terms of shape, content and surface structure. In terms of shape, breast implants are divided into two as round and anatomic (drop). The name anatomic comes from its resemblance to natural breast shape. In terms of content, there are silicone gel breast implants and normal saline i.e. salt water-filled breast implants. Solid silicone envelop has silicone gel or saline. In terms of surface structure, these implants are divided into two as smooth and ragged implant surfaces. It was found that capsule formation in ragged surface implants is less than smooth surface implants.

    Basically, liposuction can be applied to any part of the body; while women mainly prefer belly, hips, upper legs and knee areas, men prefer waist, belly and breasts.

    Contrary to common belief, liposuction is not suitable for weight loss. However, it might be preferred to help diet and exercise methods to lose weight. Mainly, liposuction is removing the non-aesthetic fat tissue in normal weighted individuals where it is not possible to lose fat with exercise and other methods. While it is possible to apply to individuals at any age, the skin must be elastic enough to obtain tight skin after fat tissue removal. Otherwise, there might be sagging and skin removal might be required.

    Individuals who will have liposuction must have good general health conditions. Because this procedure is not a simple operation that can be done in random clinics; it is a serious surgical procedure.

    While general anaesthesia is applied in liposuction, local anaesthesia is possible for small regions.

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