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Breast Lifting

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    What is it:
    This operation reshapes and lifts the breasts when patients experience sagging. If breast augmentation is desired in the same operation, augmentation can be achieved with silicone prosthetics.

    Who can have this operation:
    Patients who experience sagging in breast tissue due to childbirth and weight gain/losing can prefer this operation.

    Before the surgery:
    Before this operation, breast tissue, skin type and possible asymmetries are assessed in detail. The critical point of this surgery is whether to use silicon prosthetics in the same operation; this decision is made according to the patient’s preferences.
    If you have experienced any important disease, if you have any regular medications (like aspirin), you must inform your doctor before the surgery.

    After the surgery:
    This surgery is operated under general anaesthesia and lasts between 2-3 hours. After this surgery, patients are hospitalised for one night. The drain is taken out before discharge.

    Patients will have wound dressing 2 days after the operation. Also, they will use a special bra after the operation. Patients can go back to their office work after one week. But patients must wait for 4-6 weeks for high-intensity activities.

    Before surgeryAs in other breast operations, you need to discuss why you want to have this operation and what do you expect from this operation with your doctor. If your family has breast disease or cancer, if you are smoking or using certain medications or if you have a systematic disease, please inform your doctor. Ask the surgery type and possible complications to your doctor.

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