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Breast Reduction

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    Breast Reduction Operation

    Breast Reduction

    Breast reduction is one of the most common operations among cosmetic surgeries. Patients want to have breast reduction aesthetic to improve their aesthetic look and to eliminate certain medical problems. Breasts which are larger than normal can cause excessive sweating, heat rash as well as back and lumbar pain. All of these lead to psychologic problems for the patient. Breast reduction aesthetic is both medical and aesthetic requirement.

    Reasons for breast reduction aesthetic

    Generally, breast reduction aesthetic is applied with a breast lift. Excessive tissue and fat in the breasts are removed and breasts are reduced and shaped. The reasons to choose this cosmetic surgery by patients with large breasts can be listed as follows:

    Shoulder, back and lumbar pain
    Kyphosis over time
    Irritation and heat rash under the breast due to excessive sweating
    Bras that keep the breasts in correct from leading to numbness in arms
    Difficulty in breathing
    Dissatisfaction with the appearance and psychologic and social problems due to not liking the clothes she wears

    Who is a good candidate for breast reduction aesthetic?

    Anyone with the above problems can have breast reduction aesthetic. This cosmetic surgery is suitable for anyone above 17 years old. Breast reduction aesthetic does not prevent breastfeeding and sexual life. Therefore, individuals planning to have children as well as married and single individuals can have this surgery.

    What is the process before breast reduction surgery?

    Before this surgery, a detail examination by the doctor is required. Mammography and ultrasound tests are conducted with a physical examination. During the examination, the doctor will ask whether the patient has any medical problems or uses certain medications for the success of the surgery. The medical family history of the patients is listened to. After the necessary test, the surgery date is set.
    Since breast reduction will be operated under general anaesthesia, patients are tested for anaesthesia sensitivity. Routine blood and urine tests are made before the surgery. In surgery date, patients are asked to come to the hospital one or two hours before the surgery.
    Patients are asked to quit smoking and alcohol one week before the surgery. Also, if they are regularly using medications, they must take these medications under the control of the doctor. Patients must stop eating at least 8 hours before the surgery. Herbal teas and blood thinners must be stopped one week before the surgery.

    How is breast reduction operated?

    In breast reduction surgery, inverse T cut is made from the nipple to the lower part of the breast. Some doctors might prefer to cut from the folding section under the breast. In both surgical methods, there is a risk for scarring on the breast. Because there is no non-surgical breast reduction method yet. Since the sutures are self-dissolving sutures, the surgical scar will be almost invisible.
    During breast reduction, excessive tissues and fat in the breast are removed. At the same time, the breast is lifted and the surgery is completed. Drains are placed on both breasts to prevent bleeding. These drains are removed one day after the surgery. The operation approximately lasts between 2-4 hours.

    What is the process after breast reduction surgery?

    Patients must be hospitalised for the first 24 hours after the surgery for monitoring.
    Drains placed during the operations are removed 1-2 day after the operation.
    Patients are discharged from the hospital the next day.
    After the surgery, bra-like bandages are wrapped around the breasts. These bandages are removed one week later. In the meantime, the patient will be examined.
    After breast reduction surgery, it is possible to experience numbness, bruising and swelling. These symptoms will disappear on their own in a few days.
    After this operation, patients can go back to work in one week.
    Patients must avoid intense sports, intense exercise and intense motions for 3 month.
    After the surgery, antibiotics and pain killers are prescribed for one week to control the pain and prevent the infection. These medications must be used regularly according to prescription.
    Patients must weak sports bra for 4 weeks to shape the breast easily after the surgery and to protect the breast against impacts.
    Full recovery after the breast reduction will take 6 months.

    Before surgeryAs in other breast operations, you need to discuss why you want to have this operation and what do you expect from this operation with your doctor. If your family has breast disease or cancer, if you are smoking or using certain medications or if you have a systematic disease, please inform your doctor. Ask the surgery type and possible complications to your doctor.

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