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Diabetes Surgery

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    Did you know you can treat “Type 2 Diabetes” with surgery

    When the large part of the stomach, duodenum and the beginning of small intestine are bypassed, absorption of the food especially high-calorie food like sugar is prevented. Hormonal changes after the surgery will affect weight loss. Appetite and hunger will decrease. Right after the surgery and before weight loss, patients will experience decreased blood glucose level and insulin requirement.

    How long will the pre-operation process take?

    All test and examination appointments are organised by our team and our process starts early in the morning and ends in approximately 3 hours.

    Will I be in ICU after surgery?
    When Can I Go Back to Work?
    Will I Have Catheter?
    When will the weight loss start?
    Will there be sagging in my body with weight loss?
    Do my previous operations cause a barrier to this operation?
    Will my follow-up continue after the surgery?
    What Are the Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery?

    • Intervention with a small cut
    • Decrease scar infection risk
    • Lower hospitalisation
    • Faster recovery process
    • Less pain
    • Less need for pain killers

    When can I go back to my normal life after the operation?
    When Can I Get Pregnant After the Operation?
    What is the surgery program for patients from abroad?
    When can I fly after the operation?
    When can I start exercising after the surgery?
    What should I be careful about my sexual life after the surgery?