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Eye Lid Operation

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    Intense work-life, the rush of big cities, insufficient and imbalanced eating, ageing and structural problems can lead to eyelid sagging and under-eye bags. This sagging on the upper eyelid and under-eye bags give a tired and dull look to the individual and cause them to look older than they are. This problems on eyelids not only cases of aesthetic problems but also decrease sight quality and sharpness. Moreover, individuals try to eliminate these sags by raising their eyebrows without even noticing. This might lead to pain and tiredness around the eye and eyebrow area. These complaints are more visible in individuals who spend their day in front of a computer. This sagging might even lead to headaches.


    Blepharoplasty is the name given to surgery to correct eyelid sags and eye bags. In general, the surgery is operated under local anaesthesia. In this surgery, the main purpose is to tighten loose tissues to give a more dynamic and younger look. Operation duration depends on the looseness of the tissues. Slight swelling and bruising are possible after the surgery. These do not affect the daily life of the patient. There is no need for hospitalisation and the patient can be discharged on the same day. Sutures are removed after one week. Optimum results are obtained 2-3 months later.