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Nose Tip Aesthetic

Nose Tip Aesthetic

Nose structure might look bad due to nose deformations at the nose tip without the nasal hump. These problems can be eliminated with nose tip aesthetic. Nose tip aesthetic is a procedure applied to patients with droopy nose tip or large nose tip rather than nose hump. During this procedure, there is no intervention to nasal bone and cartilage. Small intervention is carried out to fix the deformation at the nose tip. Therefore, this is an easier and shorter cosmetic surgery than others.

Who can have a nose tip aesthetic?

This cosmetic surgery is suitable for psychologically healthy and physically developed individuals. Bone development is generally completed between 16-18 years old; however, age can change. After these ages, it is possible to have nose tip aesthetic; but in case of any emergency, earlier intervention is possible.

Nose tip aesthetic is suitable for individuals with nose asymmetry, droopy nose, clipped nose look, large nose tip. Nose tip aesthetic is not sufficient for individuals with nose hump. These individuals should choose another rhinoplasty surgery.

Which procedures can be applied in nose tip aesthetic?

It is possible to eliminate all disproportions and deformations at the nose tip with nose tip aesthetic. These include inverse V deformation, highly visible nostrils, droopy nose tip, nose asymmetry, longer nose tip than usual. This surgery can be preferred to change the nose tip, eliminate the asymmetry or to reduce the size of the nostrils. In nose tip aesthetic, while the nose tip gains a more aesthetic look, it becomes more functional as well.

In this cosmetic surgery, it is possible to reduce nose tip size, lift the nose tip, reduce or augment the nose tip and change the angle between the nose tip and upper lip.

What is the process before the nose tip aesthetic?

Anyone who wants to have this cosmetic surgery must first have an examination. Patient expectations and priorities are determined by the doctor. After determining structural deformation, photographs of the patients are taken from different angles. By using these photographs, the most suitable nose tip model is identified. These models are shown to the patient and the surgery date is set after selecting the model. Things to be considered before the surgery are as follows:

  • You must stop blood thinners and herbal teas with the same qualities one week before the surgery.
  • If you need to use certain medications regularly, you need to inform your doctor.
  • Patients must quit smoking one week before the surgery as smoking will delay recovery.
  • If the operation will be under general anaesthesia, patients must stop eating and drinking at least 6 hours before the surgery. If the operation will be under local anaesthesia, light breakfast is recommended.

How is nose tip aesthetic applied?

Nose tip aesthetic is operated with close technique. Since the cuts are made inside the nose, there is no suturing scar visible from the outside. In this surgery, only the nose tip is corrected without changing nose cartilage and bone structure. These surgeries are generally operated under local anaesthesia and there is no need to wear a procedure band or splinter. Silicon bands or splinters might be used after the surgery if necessary.

Cartilage and soft tissue might be intervened depending on the nose tip problem. After correcting the nose deformation, the surgery is completed. The operation approximately lasts between 30-60 minutes. Sutures on the nose are self-dissolvable. Therefore, there is no need to remove the sutures.

What is the process after the nose tip aesthetic?

  • After the nose tip aesthetic, patients are discharged on the same day.
  • Since only the cartilage and soft tissue are intervened in this surgery, swelling and bruising risks are low.
  • Recovery time after this surgery is short. Recovery time can be decreased if the head is kept high and cold compress is applied.
  • Silicon splint and protective bands on the nose are removed after one week.
  • After the surgery, patients must use nose spray to clean their nose.
  • Patients can go back to normal life one week after the surgery.
  • There might be numbness at the nose tip and this might last for 1-2 months.
  • Fast recovery is observed in the first 3 months. Full recovery might take between 6 months and 1 year.
  • You can start to use your contact lenses 3 days after the surgery. You need to wait for 1 month to use light glasses.
  • You need to wait for 2 weeks for low-intensity sports. You can go back to normal tempo sports 2 months after the surgery.
  • You can take bath 1-2 days after the surgery without wetting the special band on the nose.
  • You will not experience pain after this surgery, but you might get pain killers for the first couple of days for mild pain.