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Open Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is operated to eliminate malformation and functional problems of the nose. This cosmetic surgery is preferred for the nose to look more beautiful and eliminate various health problems. Open rhinoplasty gives doctors the chance for broader intervention. It is possible to intervene with the nose in the open and closed format. In open rhinoplasty surgeries, the operation is carried out with inverse “V” cuts from the bottom part of the nose. Ski and subcutaneous tissues are removed from this cut and the nasal bone is reached. After necessary corrections and eliminating excessive cartilage, cuts are sutures to complete the surgery.

Why is open rhinoplasty preferred?

Doctors decide whether to operate with the open or closed technique after an examination. Open rhinoplasty is preferred under the following conditions:

* Significant nose tip problems

* Advanced nasal bone curvature

* Large nasal cartilage

* Persistent physical or functional problems after a previous rhinoplasty

* Cartilage gaps or dents

What are the advantages of open rhinoplasty?

Open rhinoplasty surgery can be completed with a direct view. Thus, all bone and cartilage structures on the nose are visible. With this surgery, it is possible to see how much cartilage is removed, how much cartilage is left behind and interventions to the nose. Planning is easier for open rhinoplasty. Doctors can analyse the problems in the nose with detail. Another advantage of an open rhinoplasty is the decreases revision surgery rates.

Is there any scarring risk after open rhinoplasty?

Open rhinoplasty has various advantages. The most important problem is a slight scar on the nose tip. But since 2-3 mm cut is made from the bottom part of the nose, this scar will not be visible over time. After the surgery, it is hard to notice these scars after a while.

What is the process after open rhinoplasty?

Open rhinoplasty is operated under general anaesthesia. Therefore, patients are hospitalised for one day after the surgery. Patients are encouraged to stand up and walk 3-4 hours after the surgery.

Patients must be fed with liquid food for the first couple of days. Solid food might damage the sutures on the nose. Therefore, solid food must be consumed 3-4 days after the surgery.

After the surgery, patients are asked to rest at home for one week.

If the sutures in rhinoplasty are aesthetic sutures, they will dissolve on their own and there is no need to remove them. Non-aesthetic sutures must be removed after one week.

Slight pain, oedema and swelling are normal after the surgery. Swelling in open rhinoplasty is longer than closed rhinoplasty but they will disappear. The swelling will decrease and disappear after 4-5 days.

After this operation, patients can go back to work in one week.

Patients must avoid high-intensity sports after open rhinoplasty. Patients can go for a half an hour walk after one week. Patients must wait for at least 2 months for fitness, swimming and Pilates.

Patients can take a bath after 3-4 days but they must avoid long hot baths.

There is a bleeding risk after the surgery. To minimise this risk, patients must avoid blood thinners and blood-thinning foo.

Patients must protect themselves from challenging movements and impacts.

* Patients must not use glasses or brush their teeth hardly until the date set by the doctor.

After the surgery, patients must protect themselves from direct sunlight. Therefore, using sunscreen is recommended for one month. Patients must wear hats when they go out to the sun.

* Patients must use two pillows after the surgery and keep their nose high.

How long does open rhinoplasty take?

Open rhinoplasty has different durations depending on the doctor’s expertise. If the procedure is few on the nose, the operation lasts between 2-2.5 hours. But if cartilage will be taken from the spine or if there are other problems, operation duration might be longer.