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    Estetik ameliyat düşünen kişinin atması gereken ilk adım plastik cerraha danışmaktır.

    Patients should remember that the results are oriented for correction rather than perfection and openly discuss their expectations to feel better. One of the most important factors before any cosmetic surgery intervention is emotional decisiveness. “A new” face does not guarantee a new life. Otoplasty might fix your look and increase your self-confidence but the rest is up to you. Your doctor will discuss the other variables that will impact your surgical method. The level of correction is determined by age, genetics bone structure, skin type, alcohol consumption, smoking and eating habits. These factors will determine how much the operation will be effective.

    Prominent ear deformity

    The distance and angle between the ear and scalp can be different. If the ear folding are invisible and the ear is far away from the scalp, this situation is called “prominent ear”. This situation does not cause any medical problem but might lead to psychologic trauma during childhood. Prominent ear surgery reshapes the ear. Since ear development is completed around six years old, correction can be made after this age. Another reason to do this operation after six years old is to keep the child away from childhood trauma in elementary school. While prominent ear surgery starts at age six, it is possible to have the surgery in later years.

    How Do I Prepare for the Surgery Before Surgery?Your doctor will have some demands during this period. If you are smoking, you need to quit smoking 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after the surgery. You must avoid sun contact during this period. If you are using Vitamin E and aspirin, you need to stop them before the surgery and avoid heavy diets.

    You will need to have blood tests and bleeding coagulation test before the surgery. Also, additional tests might be necessary based on your general health and medical history. Patients must inform the doctor if they experienced any previous disease or uses certain medication.

    Patients must stop eating and drinking 5 hours before the surgery.

    Photographs will be taken to compare before and after the procedure and operation plan will be reconsidered.


    There are different surgical techniques to correct congenital prominent ear. Technical details related to prominent ear surgery are discussed and the most suitable options are selected among different techniques. After routine blood tests and examinations before the surgery, the operation starts. This operation can be applied under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with sedation (after calming down the child and numbing the operation region). For older ages, general anaesthesia is not preferred and sedation and location anaesthesia is selected. If sedation and local anaesthesia are preferred, there is no need for hospitalisation.

    Generally, a cut is made to the back of the ear. The cartilage is shaped and the angle and distance between the ear and scalp are adjusted. Again, after the cut behind the ear is sutures (with dissolvable sutures), a mild dressing is applied.

    If there is a large angle between the scalp and concha which is the ear auricle and there is ear folding, cartilage and tissue are removed from the ear and sutured.

    After this operation, patients must avoid sleeping on their ear. After two weeks, they can sleep on their ear with a soft pillow. The head must be elevated 30 degrees with pillows. Tension and pressure feelings are natural for the first few days. This pressure and tension will decrease after the third day. When the dressing on the ear is removed on the 4-5th day, ear might have slight oedema, yellowish or purplish look. The operation region can be washed after the dressing is removed and moisturiser cream can be applied to the entire ear. A tennis band that will prevent ear folding must be worn for two weeks.

    In the first few weeks, slight pain and swelling are normal. These will decrease over time. Numbness and sensitivity will start to disappear. Oedema will decrease in the following weeks. Folding will be visible and the ear will have its final shape. It is better to avoid trauma, sunlight, sauna and solarium for the first few weeks.

    You need to contact your doctor if you have intense pain, leakage and bleeding in the operation region. If needed, your doctor will check your ear, dress your wound and reorganise your medication.

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