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    Rhinoplasty is a surgical intervention to eliminate malformation and various health problems in the nose region. The nose is one of the most important parts of our face. Malformation on the nose that directly impacts the look of the face can also lead to health problems such as respiratory problems, bad breath and sleep apnoea. When these are considered, it can be seen that rhinoplasty is preferred to correct both functional and cosmetic problems. It is possible to eliminate crooked nose and deformed nose with rhinoplasty. There are surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty methods. The method is selected by the doctor after examining your nose. In rhinoplasty, nose reduction, nose augmentation, nostril reduction, angle change between nasal bridge and forehead, angle change between nasal tip and lip are possible.

    How is rhinoplasty operated?

    Rhinoplasty is operated in two forms as close and open surgeries. In close surgery, the nose is intervened from inside and the cuts are made inside. This is the most common surgical practice for nose aesthetics. In open surgery method for rhinoplasty, V-shape cut is made from the tip of the nose and open intervention is followed. Open surgery is preferred for patients with advance malformation and nasal bone problems. In open surgery, a cut is made from outside to nose tip.

    In rhinoplasty, general anaesthesia is applied. On the surgery day, patients are administrated general anaesthesia after 8 hours of fasting and patients are operated. The surgery duration might change between 1 and 4 hours depending on the procedure. After the surgery, the patient is taken to the room. Patients are hospitalised between 1 and 3 days. On the surgery day, patients are encouraged to walk. Swelling, bruising and pain is normal on the surgery day. These impacts are controlled by medication and the pain will decrease. After the operation, tampons will be placed inside the nose for easier breathing. Protective band or splint is placed outside the nose. Band and splints do not prevent breathing. These bands and splints are removed one week later.

    Burun estetiği ameliyatı öncesi süreç nasıldır?

    Before this aesthetic intervention, the doctor will examine the patient in detail. Nose structure is analysed during physical examination. An endoscopic examination might be carried out to detect the problems in the nose. The endoscopic examination enables to take a detailed look inside the nose. After a detailed examination, intervention on the computer environment will show how the nose will be shaped. After determining the most suitable nose for the face with simulation, these results are discussed with the patient. After determining surgery type, style, application and problems in the nose, routine tests are conducted before the surgery. Operation date is set after blood tests, urine tests and anaesthesia examination. Patients must follow the following steps before the surgery.

    * Patients must stop using all blood thinner medication at least 10 days before the surgery.

    * Patients must inform the doctor about any health problems.

    * If the patient is taking medications, these must be shared with the doctor and the medication must be used according to the doctor’s recommendations.

    * It is recommended to quit herbal teas, smoking and alcohol at least one week before the surgery. Alcohol and smoking will delay recovery and might cause respiratory problems.

    It is recommended to have a bath one day before the surgery as it is not possible to bath for a while after the surgery.

    Patients must stop eating and drinking at least 8 hours before the surgery.

    What is the process after rhinoplasty?

    Pain, swelling and bruising after rhinoplasty is normal for the first couple of days. Also, there is oedema risk after the surgery. Cold ice compress is recommended to decrease oedema. Prescribed pain killers must be used as written in the prescription. Antibiotics prescribed by the doctor must be used for 1 week and as prescribed to prevent infection. Things to be considered after the surgery are as follows:

    There can be sensitivity around the nose region for 5-8 days.

    Patients can go back to work in 7-15 days after the surgery.

    Patients are asked to sleep regularly after the surgery. Sleeping with two pillows is recommended to keep the head high. In general, patients must sleep on their back or on their side.

    * The nose must be protected from impacts at least for one week.

    * Patient must avoid smoking and alcohol for one week after the surgery. Because these materials can have a negative impact on the blood circulation and might lead to intense pain, shortness of breath and slow recovery.

    * Patients must wear contact lenses rather than glasses after the surgery. It is recommended to avoid wearing glasses for 6 months.

    * Patients must start light sports 2 weeks after the surgery. It is important to avoid high-intensity sports, swimming and fitness for at least one month.

    * It is recommended to avoid travelling and try to rest for at least 10 days after the surgery.

    * Controls and wound dressing must not be hindered. The first control is 2 days after the surgery. Then, the patient must have weekly controls.

    * It is important to protect the nose from the sun after the surgery. Therefore, patients must use hats when going outside.

    Full recovery is visible 6 months after rhinoplasty. After 6 months, all impacts will disappear and the shape will be clear. If the second operation is necessary, patients must wait at least for 6 months.

    Most Suitable Candidates for Aesthetic RhinoplastyYou can improve your appearance and increase your self-confidence with aesthetic rhinoplasty. But this does not mean that the surgery will change your face as you dream and people will treat you differently after the surgery. Before surgery decision, you must ask yourself why do you want to have this surgery, what do you expect from this surgery and discuss these with your doctor. The best rhinoplasty candidates are those who are not looking for perfection but who want to have an improvement in their appearance.

    Many surgeons prefer to postpone surgery until adolescence is completed. This will correspond to 17 years for girls and a little longer for boys. Social and mental compatibility of the young adults must be considered to make sure that the surgery decision is their decision, not their family’s decision.

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